We opened the doors to a kitchen store

but unknowingly launched a lifestyle brand.

We’re inspired by the curious, and count ourselves among them.

It started with a passion for cooking, an undeniable appetite for food and a desire to celebrate the act of creating and sharing a meal. It could have been just a kitchen store, but after we opened in South Surrey, we knew it was destined to be more.

Kitchen Therapy is a celebration of living well and enjoying life—and the not so occasional glass of wine. We stock our shelves to inspire and entice customers. To share our passion for both beautiful and functional things, and to offer customers an escape from their day while they wander our aisles, never knowing what they might find.

This experience, this form of therapy, is also what we celebrate and share in our demonstration kitchen. The exquisite satisfaction of a meal well prepared and beautifully plated, paired with good company, good food, and good times.

In this place, we invite you to indulge in a little kitchen therapy.

Our South Surrey Community

When we opened Kitchen Therapy, we envisioned a space to share with our community. We conceived of a place that did more than sell kitchen products—we knew a great store could only go so far; you need community. This is why we invite you inside and share a piece of ourselves with you, from our adorable pups wandering around to the products we choose with care. This is a place for you.

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We wanted to create a space that was both aspirational and welcoming to all—and stocked with unique and quality kitchen products.

Cooking Classes

Calling all beginners, experimenters, connoisseurs, and creators—we host cooking classes for the culinary curious, hosted by professional chefs. If you’re looking to add a little spice to date night, learn a new recipe, pick up a trick, or just get out on the town, our cooking classes are for you!

Sign-up for a cooking class at our South Surrey demonstration centre.

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